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Orbital Talks

Highly focused sessions with renowned presenters delving into the strategic priorities most countries, including Saudi Arabia, are facing.

Whether its medical heroes innovating to help stop the spread of pandemics, tech geniuses creating AI powered systems to disrupt the banking system, or infamous hackers exposing security weaknesses in new technology.

Health Tech

  • The game-changing healthcare technologies that will increase lifespan and life quality
  • Augmenting the humanbody with robotics
  • Which technologies can deliver food and water security to the region?


Creative Economy

  • Augmenting human ability - Are robots unleashing a new wave of creativity?
  • How digital entertainment will reshape the region
  • Revealing the technologies that will improve happiness



  • Every child is Einstein - how personalized education will unlock the genius in every child
  • How to create a tech enabled society, innovating its own tech R&D
  • School’s out forever – how technology will disrupt learning as we know it


  • Creating a seemless, biometric enabled life
  • What technology will determine global finance hubs in the future
  • Are banks in danger of becoming extinct?


Future Energy

  • What technologies will disrupt the region`s hydrocarbon dominance
  • Meet the people pioneering new energy sources
  • How Technology will transform the global oil and gas sector



Hosting the world’s leading thinkers, futurists and visionaries to inspire a tech revolution. From world renowned tech gurus, to senior enterprise reps and celebrities. All will come together to form an iconic tech festival.


Smart City

  • Virtual to reality: how Digital Twins can help you better manage your city
  • How to build future cities: lessons from global case studies
  • How 5G put autonomous public transport in the fast lane




A new startup or an established company - we welcome all innovators. Placing innovators side-by-side with important investors and end-users to massively accelerate business and deployment.