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Innovation and entrepreneurialism are the foundations of the seven key activities that make up the LEAP programme.

As an event of national importance, all activities are aligned with helping to refocus the Kingdom into the technology hub of the region – therefore building a game-changing digital tech revolution.

Stellar Keynote Stage

Hosting the world’s leading thinkers, futurists and visionaries to inspire a tech revolution. From world renowned tech gurus, to senior enterprise reps and celebrities. All will come together to form an iconic tech festival.

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Orbital Talks

Highly focused sessions led by renowned presenters, delving into the strategic priorities most countries, including Saudi are facing.

Topics include:

Startup Pitch Stage

A part of the Startup Park, the Startup Pitch stage will host savvy entrepreneurs who will take the mic to impress a world class judging panel of seasoned investors. The strongest innovator will walk with a massive cash prize injection.

Investor’s Club

A new startup or an established company - we welcome all innovators. Placing innovators side-by-side with important investors and end-users to massively accelerate business and deployment.

AI Summit

Global innovators and geniuses will come together to share their game-changing ideas on how AI is reshaping human life forever.

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“I strongly believe that in the future blockchain will bring a lot of transparency into the value chain, which will help to eliminate middle man mark-ups,” says Piyush Kumar Chowhan of LuLu Group International, who specialises in digital strategy and food supply chains. “I see that as a better way of managing hunger, as it can help with a continent like Africa, where the nutrition levels are low, as high protein diets with a lot of fruit and vegetables may not be affordable.”

Buyers’ Lounge

A bespoke meetings platform and concierge service to arrange face-to-face meetings with the most powerful tech buyers in the region.

Be Part of a New Era of Technology Adoption

LEAP will serve as a catalyst for monumental digital transformation across every sector of Saudi Arabia’s industry and business.