Biorobotics: The New Age of Living Machines with Joshua Bongard

“Biobots” are hybrid cell organisms made from frogs and they are expected to one day be used to serve humanity in different ways including fighting diseases. 

Tune in to this podcast to hear from the computer scientist and robotics expert behind xenobots , The world’s first living programmable organism as he talks about its potential uses for mankind and ethical issues associated with using them. 

Unraveling "Deep trouble" with Tannya Jajal

With recent advancements in technologies and in particular AI, creating convincingly fake images, audios and videos of people’s faces and voices have never been easier while spotting them has become harder.

While there are many interesting and creative applications of deepfakes, they are also likely to be weaponized.

In this podcast, Tannya Jajal, A.I. Expert, Tech Evangelist, Futurist, Author & Expert Technology Contributor from Forbes talks to us about how deepfakes are created, how can they be spotted and how dangerous they can be. On the flip side, she provides us with examples of good applications of deepfakes and discusses the legal parameters around the production of deepfakes.