Computer-powered 150-year-olds and private governments: Experts’ take on the world in 50 years

Tech is transforming the world - what will it be like in half a century? Four experts offer their predictions for the next 50 years

28 APRIL 2021



We could tell you that change is happening slowly at the moment. But we’d be lying. Things are moving so fast that it makes us scratch our head at what that means for the world in 50 years’ time. What will it be like? What will be the state of technology in 50 years? Fortunately, we know the odd expert, so we asked four of them to share their predictions for the next 50 years.

“AI, Mixed Reality, IoT and other emerging technologies will be at the forefront of this technological metamorphosis”

Thamer Alharbi, President of Microsoft Arabia

"Nearly 52 years ago, July 20th 1969 to be exact, Neil Amstrong said the now famous words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Fast forward 5 decades and we have Mars Rover exploring the red planet that no human has ventured before.

What does the next 5 decades hold for humanity in terms of technological progress and innovation? Microsoft has been at the forefront of helping the world in this age of absolute digital transformation, empowering every person on this planet to achieve more. But how much more can we achieve in terms of taking emerging and innovative technologies of today to be not only mainstream in the immediate future but advance them by leaps and bounds in the decades to come? Only time will tell.