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Tech for good

Danger and responsibility in a digital world

17 May 2022

Nnenna Nwakanma (Chief Web Advocate at WWW Foundation) came to #LEAP22 to represent the vision for the Internet that its inventors imagined: “that humanity will use that tech for good.”


Why innovation isn’t only about newness

10 May 2022

When we talk about innovation, we usually think of newness. New ideas, new technologies, smart inventions. But as we look into the future and imagine how we can utilise technology for the greatest positive impact, we need to make sure we also integrate innovation into the way we use tech that already exists. 

It’s not always about newness — innovation can be powerful when we do it with old stuff, too. 

Sustainability leadership: Push, don’t pull

10 May 2022

The tech industry loves a genius. We all like to get behind the innovators who push boundaries, challenge norms, and open up the potential for dramatic change. But is a leader with a great idea really going to make a difference when it comes to the global climate crisis? 

Critical infrastructure: How cyber immunity will keep us safe

29 April  2022

We’re already living in the dawn of the cyber age. And as critical industries increase their reliance on virtual networks, we’re also entering a new era of global insecurity — because the cyber security solutions currently available are not capable of protecting industrial systems against attack.

But why can’t existing cyber security tech be scaled to protect critical infrastructure? And what can we do about it? 

How to thrive: three crucial elements in digital transformation

26 April  2022

We all know that digital transformation has accelerated since the start of 2020. But the next wave of transformation is already underway — and the question that Adele Trombetta (Head of Customer Experience at Cisco EMEAR) asked at #LEAP22 was whether your aim is to survive it, or thrive in it.

How do you know when change is inevitable?

14 April  2022

It’s the tech innovator’s dream to catch the break of a wave at the perfect moment. To be the one who not only sees a monumental change coming before anyone else spots it, but who also has the team in place to utilise that wave’s energy and propel your business (and your tech) into the future. But how do you recognize those moments? Steven Bartlett speaks at #LEAP22 about his own journey. 

Virtual real estate is being sold for millions, why?

8 March 2022

For years, people have been buying in-game items, digital avatars, and virtual artwork, and now virtual real estate seems to be the new trend. In 2021, some digital representations of land changed hands for millions of dollars at times. Even though many people see no valid reason for such prices, others are willing to put their money on the line betting that the virtual real estate market is about to boom. But why?

Reskilling and upskilling key to plugging the critical digital skills shortage

20 December 2021

Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough, so they don't want to. The now infamous words by Richard Branson capture the value of training the workforce as a precursor to job satisfaction and improved productivity. 

Why innovation isn’t only about newness

17 May 2022

“I have an idea that in football, you can’t lose the sense of ‘what is football’. I think that technology shows how innovative tools can improve the game. Technology will not decide winners or losers, but makes the game fairer.” - Luís Figo.

Collaborate in Africa: a continent ready for innovation

10 May 2022

We hosted some inspiring people at #LEAP22. Including Dr. Makaziwe Mandela, daughter of Nelson Mandela, and herself a key figure in social and industrial development in South Africa. We wanted to find out how tech companies can support economic growth and social inclusion in Mandela’s country — because in spite of being the third richest in Africa, it still faces big challenges.

How VR is changing the way doctors learn

10 May 2022

VR isn’t just for gaming and escapism. Among its many use cases to date, it’s now providing new ways for doctors to learn how to perform procedures on the human body — which could change the future of medical education. 

Entrepreneur magic: This is the future of climate tech

29 April  2022

At #LEAP22, Maëlle Gavet (CEO at Techstars) started with a cautionary tale. It was the story of how, between 2006 and 2011, venture capital firms in the US invested more than USD $35 billion into clean energy. 



Why networks (and courage) are the future of business

26 April  2022

Outlining the key challenges that keep business leaders up at night, Klein cited business transformation (how to keep up with the constantly evolving landscape), supply chains, and sustainability. 

“In a digital world, no one does business alone. You have to connect." - Christian Klein. 

Dear Data: A love letter

14 April 2022

We’ve been thinking about public perceptions of data since we listened to Eva Fyrberg (Global Head & Ericsson 5G Alliance at KPMG) speak at #LEAP22. She was talking about smart cities, and the data intelligence required to develop city tech that serves its citizens in a positive, useful way. 



A closer look at LEAP 2022 with Schneider Electric

21 January 2022

In this article, Schneider Electric give their opinion on why you should attend LEAP and provide some tips for technology professionals to stay on the cutting-edge.

Post pandemic, what does the future hold for the education sector?

20 December 2021

Distance learning became a necessity during the pandemic, and there has been much debate throughout the world regarding the virtues of distant education and how effectively it has helped students during these trying times.

Digital power can accelerate the world's sustainability goals 

13 December 2021

Global leaders gathered for the COP26 summit in November 2021 in the UK, bringing sustainability back on the international agenda. After two weeks of sometimes tense discussions, the world agreed on individual and collective measures to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.