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AI bias means we need to diversify tech - fast


AI bias has the potential to affect everything from arrest demographics to who benefits from health tech. In this piece an expert will tell us the top five reasons that diversifying tech will help AI lead us to a fairer world.

How do you train for jobs that don’t exist yet?


Tech advances are causing jobs to change at super-speed. Taghreed Alsaraj, CEO of digital skills analysis platform, Upskillable, shares her expert opinion on how you train for fields that aren’t yet reality.


How to fight global inequality in education? Ask a computer!


Thanks to EduTech, the learning gap between different parts of the world is starting to close. Welcome to the IT-driven, learning revolution.



The Myth of Responsible AI in an Era of Pandemic Panic


Written by Elias Baltassis, BCG GAMMA Lead for the Middle East & Basma Dawwas, Head of Production, Live and Digital Events Informa

Wish your cat or dog could  actually talk to you? Your wish might come true

16 June 2021

Scientists who are using AI and machine learning to decode animal language are optimistic about its success. One day, maybe you’ll have chats with your fluffy chonk

How to fix the STEM gender gap - by three awesome female tech insiders

16 JUNE 2021

From biotech to 5G, there needs to be more women in STEM. Three of the industry’s top female talents tell us how.

AI takes hold in GCC as use cases emerge

29 JULY 2021

The building blocks of an AI-powered future are being laid in the Middle East

Robust digital footing drives Saudi Arabia COVID recovery

25 JANUARY 2021

In hindsight, the timing of the Saudi National Strategy for Digital Transformation appears fortuitous. Launched in 2016, the Kingdom was in the middle of the third and final phase of its bold three-phase digital transformation strategy when COVID-19 struck.

AI takes hold in GCC as use cases emerge

29 JULY 2021

The building blocks of an AI-powered future are being laid in the Middle East


Will we become immortal androids? What you need to know about the quest to live forever

15 AUGUST 2021

The fight against ageing is on. But will tech ever let us unlock eternal life? A top futurist gives us their key learnings

Tech and the battle to eradicate hunger

15 August 2021

There’s huge global inequality around what we eat. One day, tech might be able to change that

Bio-hacking: how far is too far?

28 APRIL 2021

The DIY science could revolutionise medicine, but where do we draw the line?

Laying the foundations of a 3D printed future

7 JUNE 2021

The speed, efficiency and possibilities of 3D printing are being embraced by industries across the region

Data and cloud

Social media and kids: can we design platforms that protect them?


Is it possible to design social media platforms that are healthy for kids? What should they look like? And, either way, how long until we see some form of social media targeting children?

Privacy and medical care: my awakening


A leading cybersecurity expert’s intimate, personal info could have made it onto the internet, thanks to her doctors. This is her story - and the lessons she thinks we need to learn.

Opportunity knocks for hybrid cloud

2 JUNE 2021

Hybrid cloud deployments accelerate in Saudi Arabia due to COVID-19, and the remote work boom


Blockchain: GCC takes the initiative

29 JULY 2020

Big corporates and startups are both embracing blockchain to slash costs and streamline businesses and in doing so driving the technology into the mainstream


From smart cities to smart nations

7 JUNE 2021

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not only making our lives easier and safer, it is helping in the creation of smart cities and nations

Tech and the future of jobs - five things you need to know

16 June 2021

Technology is changing everything, not least the employment market. Here are the things everyone should know 


Robotics and the creation of a faster, more efficient world

22 January 2021

Standfirst: The evolution of robotics is ushering in a world of scientific advancement that has the potential to disrupt every facet of human existence

Smart mobility

In Smart Cities of the future, expect to hear more voices, more people talking and see more birds!

29 September 2021

The smart cities of the future, will be hugely different to our current metropolises. We look at how the experience of being a citizen will differ from today.

Smart mobility set to redefine transport in the GCC

22 January 2021

Saudi Arabia is transforming its technology landscape, aiming to become the regional hub for innovation and building an ecosystem where the tools of tomorrow are conceptualized and created.


Startups thrive as Saudi Arabia embraces entrepreneurship

22 JANUARY 2021

A thriving startup scene is emerging in Saudi Arabia as the government, private sector, incubator ecosystem fuses

3D printing

Laying the foundations of a 3D printed future

7 JUNE 2021

The speed, efficiency and possibilities of 3D printing are being embraced by industries across the region

Organ transplant? A 3D printer might be able to help

28 APRIL 2021

From tissue grafts to hearts made from bio-ink, 3D printing may soon revolutionise medicine

Open source

Open source drives IT innovation and development

21 JANUARY 2021

Enterprises in Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East in general, are now in an era of multiplied innovation, where companies are moving beyond incremental transformation to a more wide-scale revolution.


Quantum leap

22 JANUARY 2021

There have been some breakthroughs in the past couple of years regarding the development of a computer that can start to harness the power of quantum technology, promising vastly superior processing power and potential step changes in the fields of advanced cryptography, complex modeling, and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

Materials science

The key to fighting climate change? Innovation

15 AUGUST 2021

Across the globe, tech is united in trying to fight climate change. Two pioneers in their field explain their attempts to save the planet

Materials Science coming of age

20 January 2021

Materials science is a relatively new and very broad field. It involves applications from several scientific disciplines that contribute to the creation of new materials.

Space and satellites

Building the Future with Geospatial Imaging

2 June 2021

Pre-planning is essential when developing smart cities, and geospatial imaging provides the 'big data' necessary to make the process faster, more accurate, and can save billions by avoiding costly mistakes