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LEAP webinar series


It goes without saying that digital transformation presents a formidable revolution that will impact the way the world goes around, but this does not come without dangers. Is society prepared for the changes that will arise?

With great innovation comes great responsibility, so how will big technology strike the right balance? More importantly, can they strike a right balance?


How can machine learning help to future-proof against future pandemics? And can controversies surrounding mass surveillance of civilians be overcome? This session will explore challenges concerning AI governance and ethical framework development.

ORACLE webinar series


Consumers have more choices than ever before. In today's landscape, consumers seek brand engagements where each customer's preferences are understood on an individual level. Organizations that provide empathetic help and support by effortlessly delivering contextually relevant experiences in real-time demonstrate that every customer interaction matters. 


Today’s B2B buyers expect more than the traditional face-to-face buying experience. Now more than ever, businesses must align their selling strategies to constantly changing buyer expectations. The rate of digital transformation over the past year accelerated by four times. This paved the way for omnichannel selling experiences and 83% of B2B leaders believe omnichannel selling experiences are a more successful way to prospect and secure new business.


Consumers remember how they are treated. This impacts whether and how they will engage with the brand going forward.

Organisations face challenges in the accuracy of customer information (data), if their service departments are set up for success (people), and whether everything ties together seamlessly (technology).

Not being able to gather and leverage data on their customers to deliver the best possible experience and losing out to competitors who are able to harness this information are major headaches for CX professionals.

Customers are now in the driver's seat and expect a certain level of interaction or will quickly switch brands. In this webinar, we learn how to use data to fully understand your customers and deliver the right messages/offers at the right time and via the right channel while navigating data privacy, cost of CX solutions, complexity of implementation and execution.